the sTriP - 1996

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jan '96 - eye spy with my glass eye

trash it all, i think
slave of the sun
tracing skips
eel fracas
rock 'n' roll song
the indefatigable frog
turn me into goo
run with me

february '76
silver screen
just a dream
trust in me
january (a song that made it onto the track list but not the album)
art student in the house
surprisingly good, considering
Si's answerphone message*
come along baby
This was going to be the sTriP's last album as johnnie and james had formed a new band with evan on bass - scooter and jinx. It was recorded at 50.
*unlisted track. recorded by johnnie and shahzad (later of the AhmaDilloes).

feb '96 - i think i ate too much popcorn

acoustic session (27/1/96)
- intro
- didn't think to....
- from the top
- teenage lust
- to the girl
- still not dead
- the star you used to be
- somebody means you
- 2nd form poetry
- outro
final electric session (dec '95)
- crush
- recipe
- september
- mars
- punk rock star
- come along baby

swings & roundabouts
green checked shirt
beautiful confusion
When scooter and jinx were formed it was going to be the end of the sTriP. This tape is a sort of compilation to mark the end. It is made up of some acoustic recordings, the new songs from the last sTriP practice and a selection of old songs.

mar '96 - matchstick globe (released under the name plasticine)

radio waves
all kinds of weather
life in space
used again
signs of life
slow down and stop
big white-hot globe
drawn back
scientists say.
Unlisted tracks:
- crucified
- tourettish
- mildred pierce
After scooter and jinx split up johnnie and james started writing and recording again though did not use the name the sTriP for a while, so this album was released under the name Plasticine.

jun '96 - fun with lard pts 1 & 2 (released under the name fatboy)

my legs
no PVC
rescue me (short v.)
to make you
i want to learn to surf
before or now
you're not a star 'cos you haven't got a sister called sunshine

going under
the clock
show me around
who needs them
you're no star
failure to thrive
let it get away
bip be doo bop
pat on the back
goes on forever (live)

The last album before johnnie and james took a break from making music together. The reasons for this have now become lost in time, but during this period james sold his drum kit and then bought another. Recorded at 50.
Around the time this album was recorded johnnie and james made some improvised music with a bass player called chris. They called themselves cry baby monstertruck.

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