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In January 1997 johnnie and james decided it was time to try to find a bass player so that they could start gigging. They placed an advert in Red Tape Studios and pedro replied and the sTriP became a three piece. johnnie went off to germany for a while and on his return in april they started practicing. "Spiral to...." was recorded in may 1997.
They practiced for a while longer and wrote more songs then played a gig in a band competition in october. With a second gig lined up they started arguing a lot and split up days before their second gig - johnnie ended up playing the gig acoustically with a friend playing didgeridoo.
In may 1998 james and johnnie briefly reformed the sTriP to record the songs that became "just passing time" at the same time as recording the backing tracks for the sPrinG album "a story about a little girl, the moon and me.

may '97 - the end

she's so cool (take 2)
somebody's demo
god's way
failure to thrive
tied up
burnt out 9T6
covering old ground
goes on forever
Yet another "last" sTriP album. This tape was a collection of various bits and pieces that hadn't found their way onto earlier tapes made to clear out the old stuff beofre the new three-piece sTriP recorded their first album. It was recorded at various places over the preceding 3 years and is partly songs that were too bad to go on the album recorded at the time, partly unfinished rerecordings of old songs that had been intended to go on the next album, but got forgotten and partly songs that got missed altogether and left on master tapes.

may '97 - spiral to....

owls are sometimes big
washing line of shame
lucky star
da doo ron ron*
what if the sun blew up**
everyone but you
ants know the score
used to again
sister sis
honourable mention***

tracing skips
the owl in daylight
diagrams r useful
i feel like her...
Recorded at 50 with pedro playing bass. * a cover
** a cover
*** a non-existant song

jun '98 - just passing time

my wonderful vision
everything is falling apart
feels like.... oh i dunno
dead in here
johnnie is bored pt.1
used to again. again
the longest movie. demo
how am i 'sposed to know
not how i wanted it to be
my secret room
why is it so hard
the longest movie
so much better
Recorded by johnnie and james in april/may 1998 to document the music the sTriP were playing before they split at the end of 1997. Backing tracks were recorded at red tape practice room 2 and overdubs were added at 50.

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