Third Rail

the boys and elsie

Adam, Scott, Ben, Craig and Phil were a 5-piece band called Shallow. Adam, Scott and Ben became Third Rail when Craig and Phil moved away to university. Third Rail had a few practices, wrote some songs and advertised for a bass player in late '97 and johnnie joined the band. The songs weren't really working with Ben drumming so in February '98 (at a Groop Dog Drill gig) they asked James from johnnie's other band the sTriP to play drums. The change of drummer meant that they were able to be as fast and loud as they had always wanted and a couple of months later they recorded a demo tape on a four track cassette in a practice room at Red Tape Studios and they played their first gig in May '98.

More gigs followed at Under The Boardwalk, Morrissey's Riverside, The Leadmill, Tin Pan Alley and The Farfield. johnnie quit and was replaced by Chas from the Stikkelbrix at the end of September 1998. After gigs at the Grapes and the Virgin Megastore Chas left in December '98 and was replaced by Chris. A few months and gigs went by until May '99 midway through a week of recording sessions for the album "Third Rail" (at a Superfine gig) johnnie rejoined the band and Scott was forced to let Chris know his services were no longer required a few days later.

In early 2000 a website was designed by Adam and Scott with the help of Phil from Betty's Clinic.

The gigs continued regularly until 31st January 2000 when johnnie left again and was replaced by Chas again. Third Rail continued to practise and write new songs and started to record a second album, but the band split in September 2000 when Scott moved to Leeds. Adam finished recording vocals and the "swan song" ep completed in February 2001 marks Third Rail's death.

After the recording was finished Adam and James formed a new band jc albyn complex. Over the years there was occassional talk of a Third Rail reunion practice which eventually happened in 2014 when Adam, Scott, James and johnnie tried to remember how to play a few of the old songs.