The AhmaDilloes

...not for xmas

The AhmaDilloes were born in June 1997.
Shahzad, Siva and johnnie were medical students who shared a house in Sheffield.
johnnie was in a band and owned some instruments and recording gear.
Siva and Shahzad were not in a band and did not have any instruments or recording gear.
Shahzad, Siva and johnnie decided to record an album.

Siva picked up a bass and played it. He didn't need to practice. He only ever played the bass when the AhmaDilloes were writing or recording.
Shahzad tried, but was not a natural musician. He became the lead singer.
johnnie played guitar and programmed the drum machine.
Siva, johnnie and Shahzad all contributed backing vocals, percussion and a variety of non-specific vocal sounds.

The AhmaDilloes wrote and recorded very intermittently over a period of six months and the result of their efforts was the album "the AhmaDilloes are for life, not just for xmas" and a handful of other tracks. With only a couple of exceptions each song was recorded as it was written and never played again. The album was unleashed on the public on the 18th of December 1997 at a xmas party with turkey and all the trimmings cooked by the band for ten people.

are you...Soon after this the AhmaDilloes decided to leave the music industry they had never been a part of.
No photos of the AhmaDilloes as a band exist.