the sTriP

At the end of 1996 johnnie and james decided to get someone else in so that they could play live again. They were too lazy to post an ad of their own and so they answered an ad and ended up joining forces with a guy named Richard. Richard wanted to play punk songs, but hadn't written his own. Richard was a guitarist so johnnie switched to bass and they practiced a couple of times and did a couple of covers as well as a couple of old sTriP songs and Richard wrote and sang some new words to one of them.
Early in 1997 Richard had to do some exams so they took a break, but by the time he was ready to play again johnnie and james had decided it wasn't their thing and so quit.

tied to the ground (?who did the original)
same old excuses (an alternative version of the sTriP's "on demand")
soulmate (no use for a name cover)
green checked shirt (instrumental version of the sTriP song)
screamager (therapy? cover)
linoleum (NOFX cover)

Last updated 09/04/08