The AhmaDilloes

The AhmaDilloes are for life, not just for xmas - December 1997

  • the cleansing ritual
  • headache
  • you make me hate me
  • summertime
  • feeling lonely
  • to be strange
  • just like tea leoni
  • speedway
  • without you
  • fatboy
  • U R my fantasy
  • i am a mole & i live in a hole
  • state sponger
  • xmas '97

Recorded between June and December 1997 on 4 track cassette at sPookY sounds (Priestly Street) "....are for life, not just for xmas" is the "proper" AhmaDilloes album.

The dark side of the AhmaDilloes - January 1998

  • all star jam1
  • without you1
  • i am the singer1
  • burnt out
  • shaz's boogie
  • absolutely nothing
  • the joke has gone too far!
  • a nice tune
  • demo #1
  • demo #2
  • demo #3
  • dope
  • only you

"The dark side of...." is a collection of demos, "live" songs, spoken word pieces, keyboard experiments and other silly stuff recordeed by the members of the AhmaDilloes on 4 track cassette at sPookY sounds (Priestly Street). All but the last two songs were originally included on the B-side of the cassette version of "...are for life, not just for xmas" for band members only (everyone else unlucky enough to be given a copy of the album got a one sided cassette without "The Dark Side of....").
"dope" should never have been written or recorded.
"only you" was the song Shahzad wrote after meeting the woman who became his wife six months later - luckily he did not play her the song before they married otherwise the whole thing would probably have been called off.
1Recorded live in an attic by members of the AhmaDilloes and the sTriP.