Boredom on Priestly Street

Towards the end of the life of the AhmaDilloes Shahzad and johnnie started to write an AhmaDilloes concept album. The album was to be called "Boredom on Priestley Street" and the title pretty much sums up the concept. Although no complete songs were written, no music was recorded and there was no story Shahzad and johnnie created the characters and decided who would play each character on the album.

If the album had been completed it would have featured:-

Shahzad Ahmad as..............THE TAKEAWAY KID
johnnie Mitchell as............THE HAPPY TUMMY OF ALL EVIL

with special guest appearances from....

James Bailey as........................THE KIPPER OF TIME
Sivaharan Thambapillay as........ siva

Shahzad drew some pretty pictures. They tell a story, but i can not tell you what that story is.....
I can tell you that it was not the story that the AhmaDilloes concept album would have told because that story would have been different to the story told in Shazad's pictures.
I can not tell you what story the AhmaDilloes concept album would have told because I do not know what the story would have been.
So, anyway... Enjoy the pictures.

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