the sPrinG discography

...But Almost... A Tribute to ELEVATOR - August 2003

This song was recorded by almost sPrinG rather than the sPrinG as the sPrinG never got round to finishing their contribution.

meet me under the sea
  • from nowhere
  • i am alive
  • sea sick
  • hello mr. sun
  • untitled

A five track CD from the sPrinG. Two songs sung by Alice, one by Johnnie and one sung by them both in French with an untitled instrumental track at the end - all done in just under 7 minutes. What more could you ask for?
Both drum kits and the guitar for two of the songs and the instrumental were recorded live to two tracks of a cassette four track using two Shure SM58s in a practice room at Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield with overdubs added at sPookY sounds. The other two songs had drums and guide guitar recorded on the sPookY B16 in Lincoln with overdubs at sPookY sounds in Sheffield.

I'm a Wee Monster compilation

I'm a Wee Monster
  • The Search

The sPrinG contributed to this compilation CD which is available from Paper Heart Records.

Tinypop cassette compilation

  • ????

The sPrinG contributed a song to this international compilation, but never received a copy of it. Time has passed and now no-one can remember what sPrinG song was on the tape or even if the tape ever got released.

a story about a little girl, the moon & me.
  • hello
  • johnnie is bored (pt.2)
  • an introduction to the moon
  • spinning like a stone
  • meet the little girl
  • my beautiful sun
  • whiter than white
  • the transformation
  • em evas
  • going to sleep
  • a dream about angels, sparks and wings
  • faded from view
  • i think it's gonna fall forever
  • i've lost control
  • su evas
  • the search
  • a few thoughts of the evil moon
  • where are the trees?
  • evil moon music
  • the ascension
  • communication
  • round and around the world
  • 6ft under
  • the world is safe
  • the atoms & the molecules
  • goodbye

the sPrinG's debut album. The drums and guitar for most tracks were recorded on a cassette four track in a practice room at Red Tape Studios in Sheffield and johnnie then added more instruments and vocals at sPookY sounds. johnnie was unhappy so transferred backing tracks to a B16 reel and added more overdubs, recorded new songs, etc. As a result although the basic tracks were recorded in about three hours the album took two and a half years to complete. The album is accompanied by a 32 page story book.