jc albyn complex discography

the crucifixion of...
  • capo iiii
  • rock out
  • pop black metal
  • i used to take my metal black
  • c#d
  • pink socks
  • bad luck
  • 1991
  • drinking like you're driving
  • jumping jack james
  • pissing territory
  • g-one

The final album in a three album cycle. The drums were recorded at sPookY sounds (Stag) between December 2010 and February 2012 with overdubs added over the following year or so. The album was mixed in Spring 2012, but the cover wasn't completed until January 2013.

the persecution of...
  • sound of a band falling downstairs backwards
  • eye
  • bojangles
  • flowers canyon
  • cambodian midget fighting league
  • another dutch town
  • hayley's comet
  • sea shanties

The backing tracks were recorded in a practice room at Yellow Arch in August 2009. The working title at that time was "the appliance of science." Overdubs were added at sPookY sounds on the HD24 over the following year and it was mixed between August and October 2010.

the resurrection of...
  • fucked arm blues
  • sea shanties
  • uncle daz
  • rack 'em up *
  • cigarettes
  • 3am again
  • 6am revisited
  • 8pm again
  • one chord
  • touch me i'm mudhoney
  • pretty gone, but not forgotten
  • walkaway
  • davey jones' locker *
  • a jerky
  • everybody's favourite thing

The plan was for the resurrection to occur at Easter 2007, but it took much longer to achieve. The backing tracks were recorded at sPookY sounds on the HD24 over the Easter weekend in 2007. Overdubs were added over the next year and a half and it was mixed in October 2008.
* Yell and the Nolls cover

the lost tape
  • one chord
  • i got class
  • choking
  • johnson's stairs ***
  • everybody's favourite thing
  • sea shanties
  • the witch *
  • filler
  • lost collar
  • sometimes good guys don't wear white **
  • uncle daz
  • it will rip out your heart ***
  • (sequel 2)
  • (danny's processing again)
  • (the witch * {alternate version})
  • (johnson's stairs *** {alternate version})

jc albyn complex's lost album. It was recorded while Craig was away being a sailor. The original tracks were recorded on a B16 reel to reel in a practice room at Yellow Arch. More tracks were added at sPooky sounds a while later, but as the B16 was dying the tracks were transferred to the HD24 hard disk recorder and then more overdubs were recorded. Although recording only took place on a couple of days between 2004 and 2006 it was not finally mixed until Easter 2008.
* Sonics cover
** Standells cover
*** Yell and the Nolls cover

...But Almost... A Tribute to ELEVATOR - August 2003

jc albyn complex contributed a rocky version of the ELEVATOR TO HELL song "My Head" from the album "Elevator To Hell parts 1-3" to this tribute album. It was recorded during the "disconnected" sessions.

the attic tapes
  • i got class
  • and me
  • choking
  • pack up and go
  • lost collar

jc albyn complex's second ep. The backing tracks were recorded in a practice room at Yellow Arch on a cassette four track and then transferred to the B16 reel to reel. More overdubs were added at sPookY sounds a couple of days later.

  • roads
  • silent extras
  • staring at the ceiling
  • strange movements
  • sequel

jc albyn complex's first ep. Recorded on a B16 reel. The backing tracks were recorded in a practice room at Yellow Arch and overdubs were slowly added at sPookY sounds over the next few months.