Third Rail at The Bed

Third Rail started recording their first album in May 1999. johnnie had a 16-track reel-2-reel recorder and agreed to record them, but they needed somewhere to record the basic tracks. They settled on the house James lived in - 208 Infirmary Road (coincidentally johnnie had lived in the same house 4 years earlier and some songs from the first three sTriP albums were recorded there during that time). For the Third Rail recording sessions the house was renamed The Bed Studios.

The drums were set up in James bedroom with Adam playing guide guitar in the kitchen. The living room was used as a control room with the leads running through windows outside the house. After the drums were recorded the guitars were recorded up in James bedroom.

scott adam
scott, james, chris and rich adam, hard at work again
johnnie and elsie rich, elsie and james

Last updated 07/04/08